Friday, 23 May 2008

RSP DSpace training events

Chris Yates, an RSP staff member based at Aber, is organising some DSpace training days in Birmingham. The first of these is aimed at repository managers and will take place on June 2nd. There are still some places left, so if you'd like to get some practical and hands on experience with DSpace in a tailored and targeted workshop, please do register as soon as you can!

2. Introduction to DSpace
- What it is.
- Basic architectural overview.
3. Configuration & Customisation (By the repository administrator)
- Communities & Collections
- Workflows & Metadata Implementation
- Licenses
- User Management
4. Running DSpace as an Administrator
- Submitting Items
- Harvesting
- Persistent Identifiers (The handle)
5. Other Configuration & Customisation that you may require (By the technical staff)
- Multilingualism
- RSS Feeds/Emails/Notifications/Subscriptions.
- Submission Interfaces
- Populating other resources using the repository.
- Alternative deposit mechanisms (SWORD etc).
6. Statistics
- DSpace Stats
- Google Analytics

Chris and the team at Aber are very experienced with DSpace and great at explaining technical issues to a non-technical audience, as well as techies. Previous DSpace sessions have been a resounding success and this one should be no different.

Register for DSpace Repository Administrators Training Day

(I hear the venue is pretty good too)

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