Wednesday, 14 May 2008

SUETr - a brief introduction

The SUETR project is developing a training programme for JISC funded 'Start up and Enhancement' (so-called SUE) projects. These projects are exploring a wide range of issues around the provision of repositories to support research, learning and teaching, and other activities. SUETR is developing and providing information about training that will help these projects and repositories to be successful and sustainable into the future.

This blog will be used to disseminate information about SUETR training opportunities and related project information, to SUE projects and anyone else who wants to read about them. We will also post information about new reports or developments in repositories that may impact on a given aspects of a repository's sustainability or success.

At some point, hopefully soon, I will figure out how to add an RSS feed...

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Maureen said...

Looks like I don't need to add an RSS feed myself, Google appear to have done it for me. Great!