Friday, 29 August 2008

Coursing through (D)Space

The RSP have released a modular, downloadable course for DSpace developers and administrators: The DSpace Course. It has been written by Stuart Lewis (DSpace committer, developer and trainer), Chris Yates (DSpace developer, support provider and trainer) with input by Claudia J├╝rgen (DSpace committer, developer and trainer).

There are 20 modules in the course, with more modules due to be added soon. The modules include:

- An Introduction to DSpace
- How to Get Help
- Repository Structure
- Identifiers
- DSpace Configuration
- User management and authentication options
- Metadata Input Customisation
- Look and Feel Customisation
- Language Customisation
- Item Submission Workflows
- Import and Export
- Configuring LDAP
- Upgrading from 1.4. to 1.5

The course materials can be downloaded from:


The Live CD can be downloaded from:


RSP can also help in finding a trainer to deliver the course, contact for assistance.

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