Friday, 29 August 2008

To Advocacy and Beyond!

BURP! are running a Master Class at the University of Bradford on November 20th entitled
'Beyond Advocacy: A Bradford Master Class on Institutional Repositories'.

The event is aimed at managers and administrators of existing repositories who wish to develop their advocacy and marketing efforts, rather than those institutions which are only setting up their repository services. Spaces are limited and priority will be given to delegates with up and running repositories. Case studies will be presented and delegates will also have the opportunity to discuss the issues relating to promotional and marketing efforts beyond the initial publicity push with the aim of ensuring researcher buy-in and increased repository content.

Speakers include:
Julie Allinson (University of York)
Rachel Proudfoot (University of Leeds)
Graham Stone (University of Huddersfield)
Shirley Yearwood-Jackson (University of Liverpool)

Coursing through (D)Space

The RSP have released a modular, downloadable course for DSpace developers and administrators: The DSpace Course. It has been written by Stuart Lewis (DSpace committer, developer and trainer), Chris Yates (DSpace developer, support provider and trainer) with input by Claudia Jürgen (DSpace committer, developer and trainer).

There are 20 modules in the course, with more modules due to be added soon. The modules include:

- An Introduction to DSpace
- How to Get Help
- Repository Structure
- Identifiers
- DSpace Configuration
- User management and authentication options
- Metadata Input Customisation
- Look and Feel Customisation
- Language Customisation
- Item Submission Workflows
- Import and Export
- Configuring LDAP
- Upgrading from 1.4. to 1.5

The course materials can be downloaded from:


The Live CD can be downloaded from:


RSP can also help in finding a trainer to deliver the course, contact for assistance.